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Real Estate Property Sectors and Investment Criteria

AREIT pursues a highly differentiated strategy that we believe positions the portfolio for long-term performance without exposing investors to outsized risk.1

Four Primary U.S. Property Types
AREIT anchors its portfolio in the most established and liquid major U.S. property sectors, which have historically provided stable income, robust liquidity, and low volatility:


Highly functional bulk distribution and last-mile facilities benefiting from e-commerce and supply chain tailwinds.


Modern, well located urban and suburban apartments located in high-growth markets with limited new construction.


Assets with quality tenants and meaningful lease durations in high employment growth markets.


Necessity-based retail centers in markets with strong demographics and buying power. These types of community-supporting assets tend to be e-commerce resilient with strong grocery anchor tenants that drive traffic.

Complementary Asset Classes & Geographies

AREIT intends to make tactical investments across complementary sectors, enhancing the portfolio with differentiated sources of current income and long-term value appreciation.


Property types such as student housing, single family for rent (SFR) and life science/labs provide increased demand driver diversification and strong yield/growth opportunities.


Core real estate assets in the U.K., Western Europe and Scandinavia enhance the portfolio’s geographic and business cycle diversification.


Debt investments such as self-originated first mortgages, stretch senior financings and subordinated/B-note participating debt positions in high-quality properties provide generally stable income yields and benefit from a lower cost basis than common equity positions.


Equity and debt investments in infrastructure and power assets, particularly renewable energy sources such as wind and solar, are generally uncorrelated to the real estate cycle, provide predictable yields and have Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) advantages.

Investment Process2

AREIT Investment Process

AREIT Investment Process


Diversified Property Ownership Across the U.S.

View the properties section to learn more about each asset including acquisition price, acquisition date, square footage and key tenants.

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