Ares Private Markets Fund (APMF)

Differentiated Access to Private Equity, Principally Through Secondary Investing

Class I Share

$25.01 NAV per share and Transaction Price For subscriptions accepted as of August 1, 2022 More Information


Ares Private Markets Fund is a diversified private equity investment solution that seeks to deliver attractive, long-term capital appreciation.

Our dynamic and flexible allocation to private equity, anchored principally in traditional secondaries, helps to reduce J-curve1 and vintage risk2, while providing enhanced manager and investment diversification. The Fund is offered in an investor-friendly structure which allows individual investors the ability to get invested in – and stay invested in – institutional-quality private equity assets, with the benefits of enhanced transparency and liquidity through market cycles3, with historically low correlation to public equities.

Why Ares Private Markets Fund?

  • Cycle-tested platform and team: Landmark Partners, an Ares Company, is a market-leading secondaries platform with 30+ year history, track record and experience investing across private markets through market cycles. Learn more about Ares Secondaries Solutions Group here.
  • Risk Management Strategy: Dynamic and diversified allocation to private equity, executed primarily through traditional LP secondaries and GP-led transactions, helps to reduce J-curve, vintage and single-manager risk that would exist with a direct LP or GP investment. See the notes at the bottom of the page for information about risks of an investment in the Fund.
  • Strategic Alignment: Investors can benefit from similar deal flow as institutional investors; Gain access to a seed portfolio of seasoned assets.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Transparency into underlying assets and ability to deploy capital at NAV.
  • Attractive Early-Stage Economics: Discounted management fee payable quarterly until March 31, 2023.
  • Investor-Friendly Structure: ’40 Act registered, which allows for monthly purchases, quarterly liquidity, and 1099 reporting.3
  • Broad Eligibility: Accredited Investors that are also Qualified Clients in taxable and tax-exempt (qualified) accounts.4

Potential Benefits

  • Opportunity for long-term capital appreciation, with low correlation to public equities
  • Opportunity to reduce J-curve and vintage risk, while providing enhanced manager and investment diversification5

Portfolio At-A-Glance

As of July 31, 2022

$259.7M Assets Under Management
15 Total Investments
View Fact Sheet for Detailed Information

Share Class Overview

As of July 31, 2022

NAV per share and Transaction Price
For subscriptions accepted as of August 1, 2022

Offering Terms

Initial/Subsequent Minimum Investment: $1,000,0006/$5,000

Maximum Sales Load: None

Distribution and Servicing Fee: None

Management Fees:

  • 0.25% on managed assets7 payable quarterly until March 31, 2023
  • 1.40% on managed assets thereafter

Incentive Fee: 12.50% per annum payable quarterly, subject to a high-water mark with a reset mechanism

Expense Limitation Agreement: The Adviser has agreed to waive fees or assume expenses of the Fund so that “Other Expenses”6 do not exceed 0.30% per annum of the Fund’s average monthly net assets of each share class

Total Estimated Gross Expenses at NAV8: 3.66%

Total Estimated Net Expenses at NAV9: 2.18%

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