Ares Private Markets Fund (APMF)

Differentiated Access to Private Equity, Principally Through Secondary Investing


Ares Private Markets Fund is a diversified private equity investment solution that seeks to deliver attractive, long-term capital appreciation.

Our dynamic and flexible allocation to private equity, anchored principally in traditional secondaries, helps to reduce J-curve and vintage risk, while providing enhanced manager and investment diversification. The Fund is offered in an investor-friendly structure which allows individual investors the ability to get invested in – and stay invested in – institutional-quality private equity assets, with the benefits of enhanced transparency and liquidity through market cycles1, with low correlation to public equities.

Why Ares Private Markets Fund?

  • Cycle-tested platform and team: Landmark Partners, an Ares Company, is a market-leading secondaries platform with 30+ year history, track record and experience investing across private markets through market cycles. Learn more about Ares Secondaries Solutions Group here.
  • Risk Management Strategy: Dynamic and diversified allocation to private equity, executed primarily through traditional LP secondaries and GP-led transactions, helps to reduce J-curve, vintage or single-manager risk that would exist with a direct LP or GP investment. See the notes at the bottom of the page for information about risks of an investment in the Fund.
  • Strategic Alignment: Investors benefit from similar deal flow as institutional investors; Gain access to a seed portfolio of seasoned assets.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Transparency into underlying assets and ability to deploy capital at NAV.
  • Attractive Early-Stage Economics: Discounted management fee payable quarterly until March 31, 2023.
  • Investor-Friendly Structure: ’40 Act registered, which allows for monthly purchases, quarterly liquidity, and 1099 reporting.1
  • Broad Eligibility: Accredited Investors that are also Qualified Clients in taxable and tax-exempt (qualified) accounts.2

Potential Benefits

  • Opportunity for long-term capital appreciation, with low correlation to public equities
  • Opportunity to reduce J-curve and vintage risk, while providing enhanced manager and investment diversification3

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