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Transforming the Way Individual Investors Access Private Markets

Ares Wealth Management Solutions is dedicated to expanding access to its leading platform of credit, private equity, real assets and secondaries strategies for a broader range of investors. In addition to a long history of managing institutional funds, Ares Wealth Management Solutions specializes in originating and distributing registered vehicles that are designed with the needs and preferences of individual investors in mind. Across all strategies and vehicles, we strive to consistently deliver innovative, solutions-oriented investment results throughout market cycles for our partners.

Learn how these strategies can complement traditional public market exposure and drive opportunities for long-term performance in your clients’ investment portfolios.

Ares Private Markets Fund

Ares Private Markets Fund is a private equity investment solution, investing principally in traditional secondaries and offered in an investor-friendly, ’40 act vehicle.

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Ares Real Estate Income Trust

Ares Real Estate Income Trust (AREIT) is a diversified NAV REIT that seeks to deliver consistent monthly income1 and capture long-term value appreciation across a balanced portfolio of high-quality real estate assets.

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Ares Real Estate Exchange

Ares Real Estate Exchange (AREX) is a program that under IRC Sections 1031 and 721, allows an owner of appreciated real estate to exchange an investment property for access to high-quality commercial real estate.

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Ares Industrial Real Estate Income Trust

Ares Industrial Real Estate Income Trust (Ares Industrial REIT or AIREIT) is a single-sector NAV REIT investing in institutional-quality2 distribution warehouses in high barrier-to-entry markets with access to major distribution hubs and dense population centers.

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For more information on our wide range of institutional strategies spanning credit, private equity, real estate and secondaries, please contact your regional sales director or our investor relations team: [email protected]

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